Fairytale reality



such corruption-

the story told by devil.


Starting from “Once upon a time...”

two beautiful people

destined to be together...


Connected by the red string,

bound by angels

before even born.


Then here comes

the magical moment

where they fall in love-


just by mere first sight!

dazzled by

each other’s beauty, not heart!



Fairytale, teaching innocent children

to judge a book by its cover!


Then here comes the monster,

whereby kidnaps the princess

and runs up up and away!


Prince, such a lazybone!

Never keeps an eye on princess-

and lets his precious one to be eaten!


Then there scurries the prince,

with his mighty sword

and mighty white horse


into the castle,

to fight and kill the monster-

without dying!


So typical, those fairytales

that I yawn every time

I read them!


No worrying about their future,

just madly drunken in love,

forgetting their reality...


Blinded by green specs,

their emerald world,



Putting love in priority,

blinding children from the hardships,

the fights between couples,


No poverty

No academic worries

No pressure from parents,


Oh fairytale-

What a wonderful bird cage,

what a beautiful sand castle.


Soon, when nightingale cries,

when the birdcage opens,



Soon, when the sea washes the shore,

breaks the castle,



Yes, children-


Very soon.


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