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Where I’m from babies are having babies, mothers are too strung out on all the drugs that grandparents have raised their teens.
I am from fire hoses and plumbing tools From bleach and Dawn dish soap I am from the pine trees, dirt pile and infamous mud puddle I am from chives and bleeding hearts I am from Grampa's reading and brown eyes
I am from a whispering sun
I am from Picture Frames From Yankee Candles and febreeze Airspray I am from the weeds growing under the deck (tall, green, it tasted like celery) I am from the Begonia semperflorens the Gaillardia aristata,
The city of L.A What’s so wrong about it you might say Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the fame No, it’s not all the same What you see there is just an illusion But nothing has come to a real conclusion  
Where I'm From   I am from a small town, from a place where everyone knows one another. I am from a border town
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