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“You are getting suspended.”  Bravado’s walls crashed down, from my eyes tears descended, upon my head was placed a crown; it was labeled regret,
Way up in the sky above the towns, cities, above the oceans, the country, above the clouds, the world ceases to trouble, concern, stress, and hurt; the world ceases to cry, shout, and harry about.
Brian Williams As NBC anchor made millions. Suspended while lying during a muse Credibility not necessary for a move to Fox "News".
I walked a mile to high school everyday. I sat for six hours. I learned about subjects that I didn't care about. When school was over I walked a mile home and spent my own time  doing more work.
What Do You MEAN I'm Suspended?  Im not allowed to say that in class? Im not allowed to say that thinking about taking my life isn't me being a coward but instead you being inconsiderate?
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