I am not a Poet

I am not a poet.

I only wrote and read poetry in my English classes.

It is beautiful, no doubt,

To express your words through writing,

But then that makes me wonder whether

Poetry and simply writing stories is similar.


Who knows? All I know is what my first line states:

I am not a poet.

I am simply a poor private university student

With the universal desire to make his/her parents proud.

Am I starting to sound ordinary?

Let’s see, how do I make this poem interesting?

I always did believe that, when in doubt,

Be honest.


I suppose that is why I started this poem with the sad truth.

I am not a poet,

But I wish I was so I could win this scholarship.

I can already imagine my parents’ reaction if I won.

How proud they would be!

Alas, I am only a poor university student who

Is desperate to do whatever it takes to continue my college education

Even if it involves writing a poem even though

I am not a poet.


This is my odd poem

Of a poor university student writing a poem for the sake of,

Maybe just maybe, winning a scholarship.

Oh how this writer dearly wishes right now to be a poet!

Have mercy on this poor student!

To all those fantastic poets out there:

Can you please share some of your talent?

Remember what you’ve been taught:

Sharing is caring.

Thank you. 


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