fast food

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Have you ever realized what goes in other people’s mind when you speak to them? Has it ever occurred to you on what is going on within their life? On whether they are having a swell or horrific day ?
Dear Person,  Through my pleasant voiceAnd smile so bland,I'm desperately hoping That you might understand.
In my darkest hours, When the end seems near, And someone utters your name; I am raised back up So that I may bask in your godly light And be consumed by your intoxicating glory
Cheesy cheese burgers of gigantic proportions Super sized fries and weight distortions They lure you in with the charbroiled grilling Then they stuff you to the brim with an apple pie filling
Act I A tap at the door ... ... ... Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor! I pause my binging, And begin unhinging The door and myself...   Act II
(poems go here)technology has taken over our lives making all woman act like desperate housewives put the phone down and close the twitter normal conversation is becoming bitter
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