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(poems go here)technology has taken over our lives
making all woman act like desperate housewives

put the phone down and close the twitter
normal conversation is becoming bitter

texting is the new way to communicate
these unhealthy habits are deciding our fate

pay attention to the important things
family, friends and true happiness it brings

read a book instead of wasting your time with TV
by gaining new knowledge you'll see the great person you can be

admire the natural beauty we see everyday
turn off the the electronics, go outside and play

McDonalds aren't the ones to sue
we bring it upon us with Honey Boo Boo

social media and fast food are determining our future
enjoy life and take a break from the computer

life is so much more than the new media updates
enjoy your time here, life moves at a fast rate

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WOW! This is a SLAM if I've EVER read one. This poem is POWERFUL because it calls for action from the readers, as opposed to only bringing light to the issue.

Adding you to the scholarship selection list! Good luck!

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