Satire Writing aka Fast Food

Have you ever realized what goes in other people’s mind when you speak to them? Has it ever occurred to you on what is going on within their life? On whether they are having a swell or horrific day ? It takes just one slightly move in order to change someone’s mood or a person's point view in a matter of seconds.The choices we make as an individual might even impact others people life and can either be positive or negative.   Throughout one's lifetime we all try to better oneself into become a better person either or themselves or for others. Some people grow up with the privilege to not struggle in life... Such as always having food on their table , clothes on their back , shoes on their feet and money to be able to pay rent on time. While others try to scavengers a way through life in order to make it and try their absolutely best in order to get away from their born in natural lifestyle. In this case what I find atrocious is how people treat one another. In today’s society there is a lot of more narcissistic people that think that they are the king or queen of everything that revolves around them. In which they have the mentality and the audacity to think that everyone around them are just scum peasants. Everyone is equal within my eyes and believe that people should be treated as the way you would like to be treated no matter what race,job, beliefs,lifestyle you have.   No matter your social status or how powerful you feel you are we are all equal in this world, we are all human. A quote that everyone should bide on in order to help one another prosper into this beautiful thing we call of life. Watching this behavior from afar it’s awful disgusting especially from experience. When a teenager turns sixteen many doors open to you such as being able to get your license or even getting a job. Once you apply for a job it’s just a wonderful feeling because one has never experienced this before. Anything that you do as one starts to mature gets exciting and brings joy to your well being. As you pass the first rather say task of getting your application reviewed the one gets called for an interview and passes. Now that it’s time to apply yourself to this job you start to view things a little differently as time goes by now that you are in that position either working in fast food or in retail. That experience will someday be told to that your children or even grandchildren later on in the future.   Working in customer service related job honestly sucks…. dealing with obnoxious customers in which they always assume they are in the right even though they know nothing about the policy of the company. What I really dislike is to whomever came up with “The customer is always right” is completely bogus. Unless an individual has worked for this company within the year or so means that yes that specifically customer is correct in this case but other than that they are wrong. Mistakes happen especially if teenagers like myself work for these companies. Screaming at us or even be little us in some way won’t fix the problem. Making it hilarious that when an adult screams at a teenager for “mistakenly” bagging or charging you for extra sauce.    Adults believe that teenagers don’t have any troubles at all and their life is easy but in reality it’s as stressful as one can imagine. Teenagers my age have jobs in order to support or even help out their parents to take a little stress off of them. As we have a job we also go to school and take care our little siblings to be later on yelled at by a grown adult and telling us what we should do and how we are horrible human beings just because we gave you three sauces for an eight piece nugget meal in which you requested twenty sauces , does that make any sense?   Once I was in the shoes of those people before me whom have worked retail I used to be like those annoying customers who left their tray filled with their leftovers. Sauces all over the table and just simply say “ it’s their job to clean it up “, oh how the tables have turned... Now when I see that when I’m working, it builds fury within me making me want to throw trays all over the lobby and scream in agony. That is the most disrespectful thing someone can do while eating at a fast food , making it harder for us to clean it all up. As well as customers who come in only ten minutes till close and decide to eat inside and make us teenagers stay and wait for you to finish so that we can clean for morning shift to take over. Taking time out of my life being always tired and stressful lacking of sleep and not doing my assignments for school.  Overall in general I believe that once an individual gets to experience working in customer service you will soon realize how awful people really are and should start by being polite and nice to the employee even if they made a mistake just be patient with them instead of being all aggressive and anxious. 

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