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One thing that can never be disproven, Is that time one way or another, Will always keep moving, The clock on the wall, Will forever tik onward, That is why my motto,  Is to always move forward,
Racing past at such great a speed We get to choose the details we heed The pace is set It won’t slow down We have only one chance To race or to drown   Swirling past
Answering a question right in class Breaking a rule and not getting caught Capturing the perfect picture Daydreaming about your future Empathizing with someone Feeling wanted when a puppy snuggles up to you
Life isn’t easy Sometimes it makes us queasy We say we’re alright But we won’t be tonight When we cry ourselves to sleep Not making a peep ‘Cause we’re scared that if we’re heard
It started off the same way as everyone else’s lives start out, Waking up to a shining, brightly, happy world, Center of attention you feel your mother’s love,
although we fall down, god died for us on the cross, so we won't give up
Once I said goodbye To a person I once knew A person who was close to me A goodbye that was forever A goodbye due to death
Life is a rainstorm. Pitter-patter just beginning, Starting slowly, always growing Faster and faster until you wish you could go back. The winds blowing you to diffrent paths, Rain blurring your vision,
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