The Journey Taken


It started off the same way as everyone else’s lives start out,

Waking up to a shining, brightly, happy world,

Center of attention you feel your mother’s love,

Father’s smile shining down upon you,

Naïve to all of the cruelty and evil in the world,

You start to grow up thinking that the world is happy and beautiful,

Not really knowing the truth,


Starting a new chapter in life,

You awaken to the madness and pain of the world,

Friends abandon you for loves or other friends,

Family may break apart and leave you facing the truths alone,

Life is a massive test,

Full of hardships and worries,


Working constantly keeps you from growing as a person,

Paying for bills,

Living lies,

You feel like you are ripped to pieces and broken inside,

Your heartaches for something more,

Something that is missed from your life,

Not knowing what that is,

You work harder,

Yet you still feel empty inside,


Older now pain of loss increases,

Losing loved ones and old friends,

You once cared greatly for yet stayed away from,

All of the fights and working and money weren’t worth anything,

When you awaken to the truth that you should have just stayed,

Caring and loving the ones who meant dearest to you,

Living a life is pointless when you have no one to live your life with,



Realizing that all of the work kept you from finding something more,

To realize you lost out on true happiness and love,

You realize that life,

The journey taken,

Kept you from the real test on this Earth,


The test of which journey and path that you will take,

If only you could have taken another path,

Maybe life wouldn’t be so upsetting,


Taking the other path,

You would have chosen to forgive and forget about all the fights and pain,

Letting the people you love inside again,

Bringing light inside your dark depressing life,


Battling the fears and pain together,

You accomplish more than having a job,

Happiness flowing through you again,

Life seems a little bit easier,

Choosing the right path,

Brings more beauty and peace into the world,

And makes the journey of life a brighter and better place.


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