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Dear Younger Me Life will not be easy Be Prepared Be ready   You’ll go through it all. From death, to depression
You see the discrimination.You see all the hurting eyes and the crying faces.You just stand there as they suffer. And I, a third party, am just as guilty. Insults sting like gunshots to the legs,and she takes the blows. Words hold no power.The gun
Life, life goes on. It goes on. A bus full of light, and im not on board. It continues to march forward in an illuminescant path, but i cant seem to find my way. Am i trapped or am i stuck? Why cant i approach this light?
Kids may say I'm uglyKids may say I'm dumbKids may say I'm weirdSticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt meThat I'm fatThat I've pimples all over my faceThat I've got butter-teeth
It's happened to you it's happened to me By word of mouth Or physically It's an eight letter word No body likes That word is bullying And it needs to cease to exist
Why do people bully so much. why did they put people down. why do they want us to suffer as much as they did. I think bullying should be stopped. you will never know who will get popped.
  Keep your head up in the halls It's only a hop, skip and jump away Ignore the people and what they say Stay away from those bathroom stalls    You're here safe and sound Crack open your book
  At first it started Something like a joke or a game but I soon found out that the true winner was brought to shame for the first few seconds everything was cool
 You call me fat ,  you try to demean my character .., why do you follow me home ... When all you do is laugh..... if you feel so much dislike for me. Take a step back and ...
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