Trapped in Life


Life, life goes on. It goes on. A bus full of light, and im not on board. It continues to march forward in an illuminescant path, but i cant seem to find my way. Am i trapped or am i stuck? Why cant i approach this light? What is this barrier surrounding me? This barrier wont die out. I ask you my lord let me out. Set me free. Set me free. Set me free to roam this Earth unscathed and care free. Free, the term i have so come to love. What is free? Free is forgiveness in our hearts. Free is the power to change the minds and souls of everyone. Free is the power to walk peacfully. Let me out i ask again. Why wont you listen? Why wont you acknowledge my presence? Why wont you hear me out? Listen to me, and i shall give thee my eternal everlasting decree, to not give up on thee. I ask you again please set me free. I dont know how much more of this i can handle. Its breaking me. Breaking me in half, breaking me in two, breaking me apart. Its killing my life force. Why wont somebody help me? People all around me, but their so carefree. Why wont they help me? Help! Help! I continue to scream in my subconscious, calling for anyone to come to my aid. Yet none come to my diminished side to render support or care that would help my rendered grade. Why me i continue to ask? Why was i so lucky to be chosen? Why was i the so called prophet that came to be your happiness? Are you happy, because im not, far from it in fact. I have come to see no more reason to live on. The only thing keeping me here is this barrier and she has moved on. My mother has passed on, for now she is gone. My happiness, the one who could save me from this pain is now gone. My savior in this world is now gone forever. What do i do i ask continue to ask myself? Should i move on? Their is nothing left for me in this life. Not one thing at all, that can set me free. Please leave me be i continue to ask. Although he refusesw to let me pass. I cant take it no longer, this pain is binding, its hurting my insides, killing my soul. Why cant i move forward? Im trapped, stuck here forever. Mom come back i plea? Theirs no response as i continue to shout at her grave. Please come back. Take me with you, just tell me what i need to do. I realized than what must be done to free me of my chains. My binding chains shall hold me here no more. I went to school the next day and twas the day id meet my maker i decided. If only someone would have helped i tell myself as i blow him away. What comes next is only simple, mom ill be with you soon, dont wait up anymore, for i have fianlly been set free and ridded myself if these barriers. Mom i am home and can walk this world free and peacefully.   



Trying to come up with the topic to write about.

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