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your body is gone your heart is too this feels so wrong i miss you too  
One Day I will be gone And one day my grandchildren will be wandering around Being nosey like children usually are  And they will stumble across their Meemaw’s journal And being curious like children usually are
The frail chrystal of my parents' love for each other had cracks in it long before it finally broke that day  Mom stormed out of the apartment leaving behind glittering jagged shards of something that was once maybe beautiful.  
Look at me!  Look at me right now. Tell me! Tell me what you see. Don't you see! Don't you see you are hurting me. No you don't! No you don't see the pain you are causing me.
I am from apple juice, from cheez-its and strawberry blowpops. I am from the messy homework table in the dining room.
On this night you were set freeHeavens newest angle you would beI'm left only with your memoryWords cannot express what you mean to meFrom the balcony of heaven I know you'll seeWhat kind of man I will be
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