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Some people will go to church on Sunday night To start a fuss or pick a fight Will criticize the songs and prayers And occupy two or three chairs Will criticize the preachers text Their choice will be next
Can you feel it? Can you feel that Change? I can feel it blowing our way. Can you see it? Can you see this new day?  I can hear it calling our name.   Change is coming down. Change is coming now.
Steps echo against a darkness Whispers of souls lost too Raising my head towards destiny Feeling the sensation of gratification The flames overtake this body For now I am free Now I can be
Not alive 'till now.  This is my coming-of-age.  Taking my first step.
Before I beginI must say this story is filled with an abundant amount of sinIntertwined with remarkable appearanceI repaint this canvas to enhance itsAdherenceFor my thoughtsSadly for heThe creator
They say the human mind is a piece of work, easily controlled by the devil like a fish driven in by a hook. But God am I the bait or simply just a righteous crook? I have no way of knowing if I'll find death so I continue to look.
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