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When others dont DESERVE grace, When they NEED a friendly face, Go out and FORGIVE them. Make them FEEL like a jem, This can KEEP them from disgrace And in return treat you with GRACE.
You are my growth. 
Silence is golden. But talk is cheap. Does that mean the quiet are rich? And the social ones weak? Then why is it that society Places the price on the head Of the one with a smile And an empty head?
    To Those Who Cannot Speak –   Let it be known that I hear your voice, Through the wrinkles in your skin and the quick motions of your hands, Sound is not the only choice.  
This one's for the kids that don't have moms. This one's for the kids that don't have dads. This one's for the kids that have social anxiety. This one's for the kids that suffer addiction.
Society has told her she is fat. But, she is beautiful. She is only average, her teacher said that. But, she is a genius. Her peers think that she has no friends.
Do your do now, sit down, don't talk, be the perfect student they see. But in my mind all I want to do is scream! Teachers feel they have so much superior over me. Telling me what to say. Where to go.
They bullied him because he was different Stating that he isn’t full grown Because he likes science while they play sport They never treated him like one of their own   The teachers don’t notice a thing
You teach your numbers, you read your words You reiterate when nothing is heard,  A tender intimacy fills the room as you stroll with modesty A charming chuckle exits your mouth as you fault, as you fault, as you fault
Denial of the selfish cares I crave depends on selfless love to truly serve; surrender idle days I richly save, to give to Christ all glory He deserves.
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