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I was having lunch with a friend, Cheese pizza, Mountain Dew, and fries. A group of guys sitting nearby, Were laughing aloud at the school cafeteria. One of them approaches and sitting next to me He says,
Period one I feel hungry as always Though I just had breakfast I push through   Period two Hunger still When will it be time to eat? I push through   Period three
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
Silent, hollow bodies contrived of metals Locked and held within iron cells Venting frustration upon hungry bipedals Steals, steals, steel, but nevel sells One might as well eat some flower petals.
in my backpack is my lunch sack  it has been rotting for days and I am afraid  to see what my mom has made because I know it has decayed   
Oh! Fork, you are so silver and strong. You help me eat my salad. This is why I write a ballad.   Oh! Fork with no distinct handle. Picked up ham, cucumber and leaf Cheese and Onion and beef  
Sometimes days are bad. Then I think about grilled cheese Grilled cheese is awesome.  
This slop, This glop, No, please, stop I don't understand Why you say you feed us by hand But we look at our plates And see our fates It is like staring into the abyss
Breakfast, lunch, dinner. The most important thing is, Eat the right amount.
I walk into class every morning at 7:15 AM. Kids push and shove into me  and my scowl is covered by a red face. Why do you let kids hurt each other? Whether it be words or swords,
Food doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t tell me anything bad. It doesn’t push me around. It doesn’t make me sad. But it does make me more round.
Rrrringg! The bell squeals like a famished pig And everyone bolts out of class, Stomachs filled with Emptiness. The heavenly menu for lunch Stimulates my anxious taste buds As if they were given
A flick of the wrist An expression of surprise Nods, and eye contact Baldness and balding Business dress Causal Ties and dress shirts, Attention to detail Plead pants and shined shoes
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