Lunch with My Dostluk

I was having lunch with a friend,

Cheese pizza, Mountain Dew, and fries.

A group of guys sitting nearby,

Were laughing aloud at the school cafeteria.

One of them approaches and sitting next to me

He says,

“I’m hungry and I’ll get a dollar if I come to you

and say that you look really Asian.”

Confused and caught off guard, I calmly reply,

“I am Asian.”

He stands up and proceeds to yell,

“Hey! You look really Asian!”

Mission accomplished. He earned his buck.

He leaves and joins his cronies.

I look at my friend and we both understand,

Had it been my or his country,

I’d slap him in the face.

Uncomfortable in front of my dostluk,

Turkish for a “friend” as he taught me,

We’re done with our food and ready to leave.

And then I felt it.

This wasn’t right.

Of all the people in the crowd

This stranger chose to target me.

I take a buck, go to the clown,

And then I say,

“You chose to insult me for just a dollar,

Here’s another to learn some manners.”

And then I leave.

He smirked as if he didn't hear me,

I didn't know what else to say. 

Throughout the day I thought about it,

The whole encounter could be worse,

But here’s the truth.

Trivializing racism is not an option.

No tolerance for stigmatization.

For othering. For racist trolling.






This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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