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"marry someone who can give you what you want" They say jokingly, but it stays on my mind. "Why are you so uptight, live a little more." My parents fled for me, and looked back one last time.  
Querida Mama, I hope one day I will be brave enough. Enough to tell you that I see your pain  and although at times I have been ungrateful to you. You  who have know me my whole life
Do I look like a criminal or rapist? I'm not a criminal and I'm not rapist I am angry. I am angry that people who support Donald Trump are proud of it
The Commute
A heart beating to the sound of a
They took me by the hand to the Land of Dreams, I was young and naive, all I knew was that everyone said everything was better in the U S of A. The years quickly passed by, years where everything was fine, everything was good.
It has been six years, mother Since we last saw each other How are my sisters and father? Christmas, our favorite holiday, remember? You and I by the fire singing Holy Night
In the shadows I stand, Waiting for the day when I am no longer called illegal Am I from outer space? Is that why they call me an alien? I work harder in one day than most American’s will in a lifetime
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