Querida Mama

Querida Mama,

I hope one day I will be brave enough.

Enough to tell you that I see your pain 

and although at times I have been


to you.

You  who have know me my whole life

and through it all, loved me with all your might.

I know

I see

I have witnessed all the sacrifices you made for me

for you

You have left your own familia, you have left your home 

and you left behind the only world that you had ever known

you left behind your Mejico lindo y querido.

I see it in your eyes 

and I hear it late at night, when you whimper small cries

all the uncertainty and pain

that fills your heart.

Every time you hear ilegal or watch Trumps spew talks of a wall

I sense the fear that overrides 

and takes over your soul and mind.

I hope one day I will be brave enough.

Enough to tell your story 

to all

the story of my mama 

the strongest woman I have ever know

who worked the longest hours for the smallest pay 

in order to put food in my mouth

and a roof over my head.

My mama 

the one who's hands feel like sand paper 

but heart is softer than silk.

My mama

who gave birth at fifteen 

and dragged me miles away 

so we could live the American Dream.

My mama

who gave me the sweetest name of them all,


and sweet for you I will be.

For you


I promise to not be afraid,

I promise not to let the words ilegal and deportacion

fill my heart with fear and rage

I promise that I will try my best

and dispite our undocumented status,

I promise I will dream 

dream of a day when you are no longer in pain

I promise I will reach

reach for the stars and my goals attain

te prometo mama that one day you will be proud to say esa es mi niña


tu querida hija, Dulce



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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