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 I paint the shades of lifeSo many mockers in plain sightWith faith, I sail past sorrow, sourness, and strifeIn stanzas, I navigate the high waters of life I paint the mysteries that were revealed to meby The One who holds the foundation of the He
Now I Have To Confess... That My Creative Process... Is Causing Me STRESS... !?! Because I Cannot Sleep Due To Wordplay That Creeps... Inside of My Head When I’m Laying In Bed And Am Trying To Rest...
Monster of greed Longs to be seen Ransacks the spark It leaves its mark.   The mourning wind blows Taking what it must.
things fall apart but that is only the start  of a journey that may last days  or years  full of things, only you can hear  you travel down a path made of gravel encrusting you with scars 
I couldn't think of anything I hated more than Nihilism. And Nihilists. And anything that has anything to do with Nihilism. I hated it.   It's starting to make sense, though.
"Thought she was alone And still she prayed Her hurt reached further than her bones And still she stayed   Her mind can't handle control Instead she gave Through Him her love would reach a world 
Sixteen at last,
I am filled with lost hopes and dreams and confusing words, lines, pages what does this mean? I'm still in the process of adding words still trying to figure out this thing called "Life" 
Its better to wait... Better to wait because you keep your heart and mind safe. Its better to wait... So that your love it doesn't become tainted. Its better to wait...
My brain is a computer - Yelling out binary code -  
Today,I am a poet.I can feel the wordsWelling up within me,LIke a smile I have not yet freed.
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