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The darkness echoed all around me, My failures questioning what I could be. If history was destined to repeat, My self-doubt would make me retreat. When someone is bound to fail,
My mother always told me to be patient She would tell me wait until you’re thirty to get married Then again
2000 chances were handed out in hopes that they would never be used  the number on the cards and people waiting for just one call to come in confused   2000 pieces of hope were believed in
They want me to become something I’m not. I’ve twisted and turned and bent over backwards in an attempt to fit into their box, But I simply cannot.   It’s never too late, To pass your class they say.
  I watch her sinking helplessly through this glass barrier.   Thrashing in fear Panic   She's losing breath. I feel it in my heart. I'ts so tragic.   I know I need her.
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