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Love is not what it seems. It is not a delicate feeling that makes one bubbly and light inside. It is not flowers and sunshine. Birds do not chirp. Rainbows do not appear. Life is not happy and perfect. Love is the opposite.
I'm an atheist, But that doesn't make me rude. Keep on trucking, theists, By all means, you do you. But I don't appreciate Being painted as the villain.  I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
Often, I find myself beset by blues, Often, I see such lunacy. Often, I find myself seeing interviews, Often, I see people as crazy. Often, I find myself depressed by the news, Often, I see insanity.  
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, right?
It’s vital to know, the stakes I conceive Are heaven or hell, nothing or rebirth But how can I know when I must believe?  
To speak one's mind: Original. Innovative. Thoughtful.   To speak one's mind against the hegemony: Terrifying. Dangerous. Amateur.   Up against millenia of hatred.
  I used to be So beautiful And now whenever I look My face is all crinkled up And soggy beyond repair   And my heart feels So Heavy
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
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