Relaxation Via Stress

Often, I find myself beset by blues,

Often, I see such lunacy.

Often, I find myself seeing interviews,

Often, I see people as crazy.

Often, I find myself depressed by the news,

Often, I see insanity.


And when I need a significant boost,

When I need to reinforce my roost,

I turn my attention to youtube.

And when I need a positive lift,

when I need a skeptical shift,

when I need a logical rift,

I turn my attention to Rubin.

And when I need an entertaining guide,

when I need a lesson to abide,

when I need a joke so snide,

I turn my attention to Netflix.


The tilt melts away,

As my  time flies away,

new ideas come my way,

and logic and reason hold sway.


The Internet,

where bad ideas go to die,

The Internet,

where such good ideas do lie,

The Internet, 

the catalyst of change,

The Internet,

the cause of rage,

The Internet is my refuge. 

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