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Im supposed to be free right, this is what they say freedoms feels like But this doesn't feel right. Still have to watch my back for crooked white men in blue uniforms with
Maybe I don't have much to write about, inside my life and me, I am typical, with standard living, and a divorced family.   Yes, I probably am very guessable, That white girl down the street.
      You apply online.       They say its supposed to help.       Now you are in debt.
Am I the wrong woman because my hair is not silky or smooth?  Am I not the one for him because he can't tell me what to do?  Am I not the one he chooses because Im not from a foreign place? 
  My pen tends to be my best friend because it does what I say No matter what, no need to portray something fake and write what I didn't. Get it? My hand writes faster than 20 hummingbirds so watch closely
Eyes wide open Tears on faces Flames in the sky This one day changed lives Down two towers went In the blink of an eye Who could forget The horrid day Many lives lost
i walked into the room feeling my heart beat through my chest i held my metal bat with the tightest grip Tears were running like faucet water down my cheeks Every tear scorched
I fall deep stand up and i cant see life is black but bittersweet im young so not taking too seriously So i stand there in the pitch black atmosphere Lost and in prodigy feeling the need of physcology
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