i walked into the room


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i walked into the room feeling my heart beat through my chest
i held my metal bat with the tightest grip
Tears were running like faucet water down my cheeks
Every tear scorched
and every step i took to the closed door my heart beated more drastically
"god forgive me for i am going to sin"
i said with my head bent
my momma raised me better than this
Chasing men that aint "IT"
i just feel like why me
the test results came back the day after he propsed to me on ONE knee
but i come today to find i have HIV
Determinately i came to open our bedroom door
He was home from work
Bolting to him with the bat i grieved quietly
I was standing over my fiance
who knew it would come to this day
I loved him but ive went mad
and it was sad
see ive come to realize as im slaughtering my husband with every swing
that i shouldnt of rested
till me and my husband got tested

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