Poetry is Music

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Numb the pain Or bring feeling back. That equilibrium is vital Too much feeling I cannot function Not enough leads to the same   Tell the world how I feel.
The sweet melody rings in my ears It touches my soul and it is sweet like sugar and honey It sends it golden notes flying through the air. It falls like rain on my soul, softly falls
I didn't start on a stage. And i never could have guessed id be into poetry at a young age. I grew up with finger painting kids, The delinquents who chose popularity over education and the bully's.
The noise is all around us. Yet we live without listening, we speak without listening. I write to be heard. I write to feel the spine tingling adventure that is vivid in my mind but not in others.
She lives a life of class and pride with secrets locked behind pearly white smiles Where beauty is her truth and stolen was her youth Poetry saved her life
The world was dead. I heard nothing, no sound, no slightest disruption But that voice inside my head. And it echoed words. Words that were poetry; Written words, but more than that They were alive.
In the unparalleled place, I finally attain Nor only courage abundant, I conquer the lions, Fighting the seemingly impossible, I am Alexander’s soldier, Ruthless to establish my empire.
I see the world through a tilted glass The lines and numbers taking on- A double meaning. The way I think makes a mad-chink In my cynical armor. For to breathe a poem back to life
Why do we write the things that we do? We feel as though our art gives us an emotional catharsis... A purge from our anger. Why do we write? It makes us feel better.
Writing is my escape A way to express my feelings Without actually speaking Writing is my escape When I am hurt I write through the pain
It's who I am. How you feel, how you love, what you stand for, It's written in a symphony of words, that explains what you look for, how you explain yourself. It shows the world what's bottled up,
I wake up, hit play and start. Listening to what I hear is art. I jump and dance and sing along, I'm not sure what it is about this song. Is it the amazing chord progression or melody?
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