The Place in Between

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 13:50 -- jackz99


United States
27° 59' 44.1744" N, 81° 47' 22.6968" W

In the unparalleled place, I finally attain
Nor only courage abundant,
I conquer the lions,
Fighting the seemingly impossible,
I am Alexander’s soldier,
Ruthless to establish my empire.
Featherlike, I whisk onward,
Through further anomalous scenes,
A scallywag of Blackbeard,
A loathsome terror at sea,
Battling with cannons and rum-covered lips.
Brimming chagrin on a scaffold with Marie,
No more kind-tasting cake.
Promenade the crimson carpet,
Radiant bulbs flaming, orchestrating,
Personifying glamour with an incomparable glow,
I saunter right beside Marilyn Monroe,
Arising with a effortless glance in the mirror,
Only to perceive a reflection of me.
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