Why I Write


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The noise is all around us.
Yet we live without listening, we speak without listening.
I write to be heard.
I write to feel the spine tingling adventure that is vivid in my mind but not in others.
I write to share the terror, mystery, and love story that is twisting and evolving constantly.
I write because there are a thousand characters inside of me with different voices,
Each dying to be heard… each needing to divorce themselves from my skin and become what they were meant to be.
I do not write to rhyme so people know this is a poem,
I do not write to give a happy ending and an easy night of sleep.
I write to probe, to disturb and unsettle… to influence another’s mind to merely wonder.
I write what makes me gasp, what makes me sit on the edge of my seat wondering what words my hands will write next.
I write… not for joy, not to express myself, I write because I must.
It is a need inside of me that will have me twitching if I do not connect paper with pen.
I write because I need my words to connect. To hit one heart, bring one person’s knees to pavement.
I write to conquer words.
I am a Beethoven of my art, wanting music to bow to me and bend to my will.
I demand that they evoke a feeling.
That they make you feel my character’s pain, smell the rain that hits their faces and shed the tears that they do.
I write not because I think that I am skilled… but because I must.
Because just as my characters are me,
I am my characters.


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