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I am me and no one can control me Not my parents nor my friends I am me and I decide to be who I wanna be All I want to be is being free
lost in a world of forbidden hope 
Who am I? Do I let you define me, no! It's my heart and soul that carries me. I am resilient and full of character. i am who i am
There are a lot of words that society has changed the meaning of, making the word impossible to be achieved. Words like equal and fact.
To define one self means to belong, To put what others think of you  Into your own words. I am what others cannot see. They say I am beautiful. They do not see my rough edges. Teachers say I am smart.
"Define yourself." Define. Yourself. As i try to grasp those words, I can't quite make them out. Everyone wants to know who you are or where you've been, You ask who I am. How would I define myself. 
Who am I? possibly the hardest question because there are infinitely many answers answers that may contradict because I am not simple then I realize I am not an answer there shouldn't be a question, "Who am I?"
I look at the ground underneath my feet
It was the point of over annoying. It was the over indulgence of mocking. It was the amusement of pain. It was the forced space that was one sided. It was the lack of communication.
I wear a mask, thick as leather   Beneah the seams fear keeps the mask together     No scars lie behind this invisible shield   A single word is all that's concealed    
smell is a
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
Love is more than four letters, more than just a feeling, more than just an emotion you can emulate or copy. Love is human, love is what unites us even in our own divide.
  I write because society demands numbers define people. I write because people are constantly defined by numbers. I write because we are all defined by numbers.  
What is sanity? Sanity defined: Being or having reason. What is reason? Reason defined: A motive. So, If I have a motive, does that make me sane? What if my motive is absurd?
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