There are a lot of words that society has changed the meaning of, making the word impossible to be achieved. Words like equal and fact. Fact by definition is "a thing that is indisputable." The problem with that is even that can be disputed so if fact itself is disputable does it even exist? And the definition of equal makes equality impossible due to the meaning we have placed upon it. So equality between all people is impossible due to the shear truth that we do not fit that definition on an earthly margin. The definitions we have given it are as follows... being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value. having the ability or resources to meet (a challenge). Or a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality. Our error is in the goal we have tried to set for our society. We will never achieve that goal because we do not truly understand the meaning of what we say. True equality by that definition would require everyone to be exactly the same as the person next to them. Even a hair of a difference would prove the goal unachievable. We would have to eradicate social classes and in turn eliminate the economy in turn needing a communist esq. economy which would in turn lead to the need of a form of government making everything null and void as it would create a social standing. Equality is not something that you can do half way because that would be defined as unequal due to it not being equal in its entirety. In truth, without God, even a variation of equality would be impossible for us to ever achieve. The only equality possible for people to achieve is the universal gift of eternal life because Jesus made that opportunity equal to everyone, and equality of our sins . Yet even these our human minds struggle to comprehend.

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