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As I sit, alone. to my thoughts All i think about is you the way you move to the way you talk oh i can't doubt these feelings for you you are amazing, beautiful, and perfect in everyway
You do not deserve to be mocked. You are worth more than that.   People do not get to take your success from you. You earned that.  
there go my girls  they're arm in arm palm tree girls that keep me warm bring on the sunset my summer stars boardwalk fairs and stealing hearts  
The first time I knew what love meant
I wish it had been a dream. I wake up in the night. Covered in sweat and full of fright. The pain is terrible. My thoughts unbearable. My muscles contract. I have to face facts. It's not my time. I feel a chill run down my spine.
Days and days go by Weeks and weeks past Still hurt by what has passed A life that I can never get back Mistakes are made that are hard to face But at the end of the day I still feel the same way
Two lost souls tangled in the rapture of youth, One spoke lies while the other breathed the truth. A fantasy of love they both had fallen for, But the boy was too imperfect; the young girl yearned for more.
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