My love for you is endless

As I sit, alone. to my thoughts

All i think about is you

the way you move to the way you talk

oh i can't doubt these feelings for you

you are amazing, beautiful, and perfect in everyway

your dad might hurt you,

but he doesn't see my anger 

when a single word is said

to his own daughter

i sit here pondering, under the tree. how much you love thee,

of course i doubted you,

once i said it, i wanted to take it back

i am glad i didn't, and that i hate your dad,

your hair is like a cloud that may have fell in mud, but is as clean as the water we drink

you may not see it, but when you've been looking at beauty for years on end, 

you come to realize the beauty is anyplace you look

even in yourself

don't try and hide it, i love you a lot

from rhymes to times

you are my very first crush

my first soulmate

and now my true love

because my love for you is endless

and i wish for that to stay

so when i ask how was your day

you better believe i want every detail

and id listen to you for decades, 

years on end

i love you


your girlfriend

This poem is about: 
My family


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