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I may come across as a Stubborn, competitive, and Argumentative person, But I'm just fighting For what I want, so...   The world is an immensely Competitive place,
You fell for the thought, The theory of me, But clearly In practice I’m not What I seem. ~Sorry not sorry~  
Dear best friend, Please stop liking my Facebook posts. We stopped being friends for a reason. I don't want you on my news feed. Please, don't get pissed. You were the one who ended it.
I am so flawless Because God made me this way Give me scholarship 
The anchor stays in place In this big blue expanse of life. Autopilot: on. The captain rests in her ship, Not afraid
Please scorn not the poet For the rhymes too slanted, For syllables miscounted, For content hard to read.   Did our history keep Shakespeare’s first love sonnet? Virgil’s practice poems?
  Why is Physics So Boring?  
i've listened to it more times than i can count, but who's to say that i'm wrong. what you can see is the fading memory of me in a song. why can't i be true, why do you have to love  please i'm begging you run away
For the past half hour, I've thought 'What makes me tick?'
You are the mocha to my caramel, The fire to my ice.   You are the dragonfruit to my mango, The bite to my bruise.   You put the sweetness in my Wheat Thins,
Audrey Indecisive, Timid, Passionate , Poetic Daughter of  Wit , Ego of  Aime-jah, Legend to her mind. Who believes, in women , imagination rights, equality and profound music
They call me the "Ice Queen" for a reason. I honestly don't know what happened. Even when I was kid, young, naive, and believing in everything, I didn't believe in myself
Feeling is so overrated. So I've decided not to do "that" anymore. "That" is like licking the pages of a cookbook, Stupid and silly.
We sit in these uncomfortable seats as you lectureIts always too cold in your classroomYou get mad when you hear a mixture of irrelevant topicsYou use the same line every time for your doom
It started with an invitationWhen you asked me if I knew how to slow danceI mistook it as a way to make fun of me
Some conditions are to close the deals . Break the seals . Business like takes away my feels and i feel like i jumped down fifty feet to break my heels .
I've never been one to cheat or even flirt With someone who's not mine.   I don't know what's happening, why I suddenly want this. To be unfaithful.   There are others,
I've been huddle up alone by the fire even though, I'm not exactly feeling cold. There is to much in my head to keep it out, I try to forget but it creeps back in.
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