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~PRIDE~ To ‘P’ I am prosperousI don’t mingle with the poorFor they are just too impecuniousI am the wealthy mountain, they are the lowly floor
Day after day I soon come to realize  I take and take but non is given I pray for better years to come  but yet I'm greatful  I got stabbed physically & emotionally yet the war of life is not over 
Mansa Musa, Shaka Zulu, Nefertiti, Akhenaten-- Something is similar about all of these names No doubt, there are complexities that make these names uncommon However, the common fact is that they played no games.  
I am consistehntly Black, proudly and unapoligetically.
My People & I We are Perceived as the Enemy We are the black coffee to your vanilla The Racists claim that we are bitter But better than that is what we are My People & I We are a beautiful race
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