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They say you only hurt the ones you love.
I admit, its the truth.
The very fiber of my being comes from you.
Yet I turn my back and slap the open hand that you extend to me with intentions on actions that will never set me free.
I know it hurts you more than it hurts me, but I just can't seem to see past the here and now and glance through the blood stained window to see the bursting light of my upturned future.
As I emerge through the dark and awake from the black casting shadow of guilt, I imagine the tears that must fall like raindrops from your strong eyes.
The call that you whisper seems to fall on deaf ears; but I hear. The question is, when the sky turns to black and the pieces of the earth shatter and the voices of the world run silent, Will I still hear? Or will my heart run silent also? In advance, I will bind my mind my heart and feelings together and my soul shall cry out with all that I hold within.
Because once the puzzle of the earth turns to dust,
and the light goes out all together,
The door will close, and will lock my soul out.
And only the remnants of my whisper will be heard.
uttering.......... my "Apologies".

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