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Blue Clouds, Blue Seas Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam -- Unfurling, rolling in thunderous lashes and - greedy  Incorrigible and precedented but
The cruel have dragged you down Below the depths of the fiery hell Into the core of the Earth Where all pain is buried   They tricked you with their lies Whispering temptations into your mind
To the girl chewing her gum to loudly, please, stop! All you are implying is that you are too proudly, which is annoying to the rest of us, and makes our heads want to bust.  
Life has changed me,
I was very excited in what we could be.
Life goes on and on. Everything will be ok. Don't give up just yet.
Life. It stops for no one, they say
I’m not sad anymore I can look at you without bursting into tears I don’t need you anymore. I still miss you sometimes, but that’s fading. You’re angry at me though.
Sitting in silence turning this daymomments sweep by, memories stray. the beauty of change is that in the mind,even the sweetest momments go bye. So dont hold on to memories they arnt stillthey are simply important if you give them the will.let th
Stay strong and keep your head held high, Don’t be upset for pointless reasons and let your time slip by.   Remain positive and just be happy, Don’t let anyone else make you feel crappy.  
We were born alone to fight the unknown. God only knows how much longer  we can go. The internal battles are stuggles  we keep in bottles. Trying to express who we are in a civilization
(poems go here) Hey, I'm sitting here with the block of a writer Smoking my fags down to the filter It looks like it's gonna be another sleepless night Living in the shadows, can't seem to find a light
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