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The heart beats quicken walking to the box, adrenaline rushes while put on the spot. Pressures on; the hand and bat locks, together in hope for the pitch to be on dot. Steady the breath when she winds,
The clean cut edges, The smoothness of each base, Every corner better than not, Perfectly polished, Standing in awe of its grandness, The happiness melts in, First, Second, Third,
I love you in the morning, I love you at night. You are the one that makes me feel right. I love that sometimes you are muddy or sandy, and the weather is either hot or cold. You also have the umpire that has strike zone control.
Coach tells you One decision You have to do it Once, twice Maybe you won't No, you have to do it Now, now is the time Down the line If she doesn't throw Make sure she runs at you
We hear the anthem singing in th wind. We cant wait for the game to begin. All we want to do is beat the other team. As we do it, we like to hear the fans' scream! When we step up to the plate to hit,
Crowds in the stands: cheering, booing, eating, drinking; Watching the teams: hitting, bunting, stealing, scoring; One team pumped: encouraged, driven, pushing on; The other, down: trying, failing, giving up;
          Softball by Hannah Montgomery   There are lots of things you can play weather sunshine, rain, night, or day. Some sports require a bat, ball, and glove. This is the specific sport I love.  
The clink of ball on metal It's going, going, Gone! My heart leaps as My feet start to move The bottom of my Cleats churning up the dirt Suddenly I'm flying! Faces are blurred, sound is lost
Sliding into home, running Over the catcher Feet first To avoid Being called out. A catchers worst fear- a Long Legged runner with no sympathy!
The diamond, it's my home. The four bases, the mound, and the batters box. The nine intense girls on the field ready to get an out. I swing the bat, I hit the ball, there is goes flying out of my home.
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