A Hero in the Moment

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 18:38 -- gosen34


Crowds in the stands: cheering, booing, eating, drinking;

Watching the teams: hitting, bunting, stealing, scoring;

One team pumped: encouraged, driven, pushing on;

The other, down: trying, failing, giving up;

More booing, more cheering, eating, and drinking;

The stench of sweat in the dugout, in the bleachers, and at the plate;

Bottom of the seventh, the stress of a distinguishing game at its highest;

Heart flutterring, head pounding, fingers slipping off the ball;

Scared, excited, nervous beyond all belief;

Bases-loaded, two-outs;

The team is down, 2-4;

This is what it comes down to;

All that training, all the practices, those silly scrimmages;

It all comes down to this right here: State-Finals;

The count at 3 balls, two strikes;

Green ball, spinning towards the catcher, straight down the middle;

A swing, a crack, a ball flying towards the fence;

Three runs in, the game is done;

Once doubted, never more;

The ninth batter changed the score.



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