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How did I begin to "glow?" It started with a very dismal low... I was in the deep throes Of middle school, acne and braces in tow
Sometimes I wish I could erase all the things I've done wrong I wish that I could erase the past I've come from
Texas sun hidden in the different shades of the sky I saw dark blue, layered between light Clouds that battled to occupy space It is here that I hide my face And watch grass and flowers opened their leaves
I am a soldier standing my ground in the tear soaked mud the front lines are my home a battleground borne of water and blood   my weapons are not bullets and guns
Big girls are beautiful. Thigh gaps aren't pretty. Fat is attractive. Look at that big butt And those boobs! What about those girls Who are sticks, Who don't have a butt
WarsIt’s a horrible thingGuns bang and shoutPeople’s ears hurt and ringWhat is this all even about
  Regurgitating useless facts while sitting in class,  A place of memorization not learning. A test of my boredom, an abuse of my freedom. 
I Remember My exploration of limericks, stanzas started at poets drawn from shavings of high ambition. Fragmented dreams, misplaced desires etched with ink onto my Incomplete storyboard.  
What is writing, Is it life? Immortalized in strokes of pen and keyboard? Is it the author, proudly displaying scars? Dripping ink-ridden blood all over used-to-be-white pages?
When the world around you closes in, go find the Whipperen. When everything seems difficult, search for the one you must consult. When life is hard and course as gravel, go down the road through which few travel.
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