Area Metro Line


Austin, TX
Written on the bus headed towards San Marcos
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

Texas sun hidden in the different shades of the sky

I saw dark blue, layered between light

Clouds that battled to occupy space

It is here that I hide my face

And watch grass and flowers opened their leaves

Can they foresee the oncoming drought?

Afraid for their beauty and youth


Captured in your heat

Obsessed with false protection

As I lathered on sunscreen, coconut oil and Shea butter

For it is all I can do.

Anxieties are drowned in bottles of water

Since your rays are vast and who could say

the difference felt if I lived else where

In Kuwait, South America or Africa

They cover their face too –

With avocado and thin chiffon.

Can they feel it?

The noose of dehydration, the woes of lines being indented in the skin

Then, how do we ever stay dolls when the giver of life calls us outside?

And how many pray to age well by scurrying in the shade in order not to squint.

It is said that wrinkles show character

A tale of laughter and disgruntlement

And why do I care?

To keep my body image in line,

With an umbrella flowing in daytime

Without rain

20 minutes pass, I jolted in the front

to watch my dog play – and meditate on my vitamin A intake

my, oh my! How nice it would be

not to stare and finally breathe

without dark circles around my eyes

and I don’t want to blame a lack of sleep

since, you are the one cursing us all.

Just for the need of vitamin D

To pass out on the sidewalk

From the scorching


Texas heat.


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