I am a soldier

standing my ground in the tear soaked mud

the front lines are my home

a battleground borne of water and blood


my weapons are not bullets and guns

rather the word of God and his perfect power

I do not fight for freedom or country

for money, for position, or tower


I fight the powers of darkness

I struggle against the evil one's strongholds

to break the power of sin

to free God's people from their chains, the unbearable mold


I share the gospel

fearlessly and bold

for how can the world believe

if they've never been told


a missionary is what I am

what I was called to and born for

a job is far too common a word

for the mission God placed at my very core


seek justice, love mercy,

walk humbly with your God

this is his command

to love others, his law


my dream job, that one job

to change my life, my very life purpose

is to share the story of Jesus

and the story of us


so, I am a soldier

a warrior, a conqueror, victorious!

but my battle is not of this world

rather a place much more glorious

I am a soldier

proclaiming the way, the truth, the life

Jesus, the son of man

my way, your truth, our life




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