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Through the door, he's late again. Even in the dark, you can see his drunken grin. You close your eyes, choke back the tears- Still, he turns on the lights, wanting to see your fear.
I should have seen the signs; I was so naive. There was no need to read between the lines; everything you said I believed. “Because I love you,” that’s what you said.
No one gets you. No one wants to. Why bother fighting, When no one else is trying?   Everyone doubts you. No one believes. No one has faith, That someday you'll succeed.  
                                             When will Life Start    
The Red Queen wanted red roses. The roses were whte, so the cards painted them red.   Red roses a common symbol of love.   I paint roses everyday for you. They aren't red,
I’m home right now and daddy’s at it again Drinking into his normal haze While he slips into his other phase I’m hiding in the closet like I do every night When daddy’s drunk and nothing’s right
"She!" A pronoun. A simple replacement for my name and I. Shrill and sharp. "She is terrible!" I am terrible. She screams it. I hear it. One tear. "She is such a bitch!" A sharp slap.
When you hear "animal" What do you think? Furs of brown, Or collars of pink? What about man? The ones with no virtues, The ones we can't stand, The ones we can't rescue.
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