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He kissed me He took something A first of many Something I followed with a smile To mask my fear   I didn’t feel any different But I knew Something was different  
Do you know what it's like being caught in rains while the sun is out? First kisses.
And once again I felt a soft pressure upon my lips; a gentle phantom kiss. Have you been thinking of me as I have for you? A lovely breeze passes by, surrounding me with your scent.
I wasn’t going to be Like the girls you had confessed to me Dense with immorality.                      I didn’t want our relationship to be Like a floating bubble Rocky and unknowing
Picture-perfect moment was today. 
Endless happiness was today. 
Good -bye pain, good-bye Hurt was today. 
A moment derived from love.
Kisses are like fear and confusion and lust curiosity expressed in an awkward
The cold night was ironic;You were cold as well(Your hands always were)And your face was tired(Sick of your damned father,His drunken rampages)I took matters into my own handsShaky and undeterred
  My body reacted to his sudden presence in the room. With tense muscles and a dangerously increasing heart rate, I choke out a “hey” and plastered on tight smile.
I knew he was nervous. He sat next to me, close enough to show interest but still left room between us for question. I imagined his hands were sweating by now. I felt him looking only at my eyes while they were distracted.
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