A Simple Kiss


Picture-perfect moment was today.

Endless happiness was today.

Good -bye pain, good-bye Hurt was today.

A moment derived from love.

Causing an evaluation of sensations. 

For you feel every feeling at once.

Clustering in the pit of your stomach.

You release and you feel it.

That breath-taking, mind-boggling, heart- stopping moment.

Causing you to take a second to think,  “Is this another dream of mine? Is this just another illusion?”

 One of my imaginary moments of my everyday life.

You need that feel of a pinch-perhaps it’ll awake you.

Because unplanned unknown just happened with in minutes.

It halts all the expected and brings out the unexpected.

 All for happiness and happiness for all. 

All this from a kiss, a kiss in

Which is a remedy to all lovers, and yet truly was mine.


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