Caught In Sunny Rains

Do you know what it's like being caught in rains while the sun is out?

First kisses.

It's like your first kiss with the person you hoped so dearly wanted to kiss you as much as you did them. It's absolutely breathtaking and I mean holding your breath until it's over without the realization you were even doing so until you open up your eyes and a shaky sigh is let out with a chuckle of joy and satisfaction because what made you so lucky to witness, to hold, to taste such warmth that not only the rays of sun wanted to kiss your skin but the rains as well. It is heartracing and shriek-worthy because although you knew there was a chance, you were not totally prepared, maybe not even the slightest, kind of breathtaking.

The intertwining of hands.

Palms closing the distance between one another. Fingers interlocking. Tracing over their thumb with yours and feeling your nerves awaken with every brush. The clamminess that arrives unannounced, leaving your brain on alert, unsure whether or not it's a problem, should you wipe it away or is this okay. Will you live in the moment or shy away? 
What to do..What to do..playing over and over.

Fallin in love.

Being caught in a sun shower is like falling so deeply in a love you did not expect to fall into. You just might be pissed with the world one minute but within the next, you're embracing each amd every part of it because you just know

you know if you've ever been caught in a sun shower that despite that annoying realization that you are totally unprepared, you are so ready for the beauty of it all. 


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