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Sometimes we hear things people say, Jumping to conclusions without any way For either of us to clarify or explain, We just assume what we heard was meant to cause pain.  
I have always been one to hide from the world. Never been a popular girl, I would hide myself from the world in my room. Behind the door I would lay in bed with the lights off, turn on a tune, and slowly let my thoughts carry me away.
Thinking, hoping, praying, Wishing, wanting, saying, Needing your friendship, your love, your want, your trust. You're everything to me now, And I think I've got it all figured out...
Nevermind that your scared! Give me truth! Give me the first thought Not the nice thought! You, I want you! Not a mask of polite-niceness I want the hammer that breaks the rock Give me truth!
Poetry is not the fashioning of words, it is the forging of swords. Poetry is not the stanzas or the verse, it is the carriage or hearse. Poetry is not just some thoughts to a rhyme, it is the journal of time.
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