Heart, Listen

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 02:45 -- AZimm99

Sometimes we hear things people say,

Jumping to conclusions without any way

For either of us to clarify or explain,

We just assume what we heard was meant to cause pain.


Over words, we hold the speaker in contempt,

Not considering their true intent

In any other way but how we chose to hear it,

When in fact it was our ears that chose to fear it.


There are so many meanings, tones, turns of phrase,

For each insult, compliment or intentional haze.

Let us think of these things before they're spoken,

Else our hearts, our friendships, our bonds be broken.


Words have more power than a hydrogen blast

So hard to take back once that line is cast.

Let us use words to convey kindness and good,

Seeking first to understand, and then be understood.


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Our world
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