This is me

I have always been one to hide from the world. Never been a popular girl, I would hide myself from the world in my room. Behind the door I would lay in bed with the lights off, turn on a tune, and slowly let my thoughts carry me away. I was smart, of course, but that never made me friends. I was always excluded from plans, never really accepted. I would try to fit in but never could find the place until I started writing, that was when I discovered that I belonged in between the lines of my own words that soon became sentences. As my spirit flows free like a pen on paper, I see what no one else can see... that I am only me. Someone who was never accepted, or wanted. A reject from the others, someone who will never be understood. The words in my sentences have set me free and defined the character I am. Which is just a free spirit in the windy storm of life, that will never settle until the end. No many get to witness my greatness that's because they don't understand. So why drop the curtain if no one will understand the beauty behind it?


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