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The deepest void in the sky tonight. Almost as big a void as the one in my soul. Theres no stars tonight. Just a black , cold lonely sky that seems to go forever. I’m missing you and it becomes evident to me  that this feeling?
Two hearts united Two souls present Relationships come and go like seasons And our hearts and souls used to unite like they were breathing
Hard to say goodbye to you  But this is the only word, that I can say to you  After all the happiness and tears with you all along  A big step in my life that I have to do    Letting you go away in my life
Is it love, my love? When you look upon me with your lustful eyes, Is it lust, my love? When you show me high respect, Is it love, my love? When our toungues are tied together, Is it lust, my love?
My Love, I love Colorado, especially during the Winter.     Colorado is beautiful, with the mounatains around Colrorado is beautiful, with the rivers flowing,
You’re a mirage, my love. I can’t tell you and the sky apart. Is this some trick of the light? The eyes, mind, or heart? Or are you a mural, my love? A work of ART. A stepping stone, my love? My end and my start.
I can recall when I met you gorgeous
When I kissed her all I could do was yell love! I ran out to the moonlit night and I yelled love! And ever since I loves her and always will. 
I questioned if you were reality, My perfect match staring back at me.  You pulled my world from dark to light, And encompassed me in heartfelt delight.   
Please help me understand Exactly how I'm the bad guy 'Cause right now the one thing I've done wrong was say "yes" to him   But you Well that's a whole 'nother story You let me fall for you
Sending air hugs and kisses; Praying you sleep soundly; Loving you with all my heart; Sleep tight, my love; Goodnight.
Come back to me, Never leave my side, Because you are my king, And in each other we confide, Love me sensless, Adore my being, Because I am yours and fearless, No matter what life may bring,
Can you see my love  Im right in front of you  Right here! right here! Tell me you see my love  Show me you still care  Can you give me a sign other than playing with her hair
Candra's son Amazing Young Dajah's nephew Extraordinary Nice   Mama's boy courageous Da prince Adorable Number one In my heart Excellent
Music is super duper great I wish I could take it on a date Music is my whole life I want music to be my wife Music, you, I could never hate
I was wrong I've been singing the wrong song cause I realized that true love isn't planned.
My love is a like a burning red rose with thorns that prick small fingers, illuminating my sunburnt pink nose. You keep me safe from life’s terrors. The shelter of your arms hides me from all
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