Moving On

Two hearts united

Two souls present

Relationships come and go like seasons

And our hearts and souls used to unite like they were breathing

I used to feel the summer heat with you and the humidity in the air

We drove each other forward as the sun-kissed the bark of the trees and surrounded the beautiful days

As we came up for air 

We gave each other life and a feeling like no other

I know the breathing is so light yet powerful

Intricate yet broken

One of us takes a breath, it’s all broken

One breath that I take and it’s all over

It’s the end of us and we’re suffocating

We try to breathe but we can’t 

We feel alone, lost, and uneasy

Take a breath 

Encourage me, tease me 

Believe me, feel me

Take a breath with me and relax

It’s winter now and it’s cold and snowy

The snowflakes surround us as we take our journey towards the forests

They’re so beautiful yet barren

Tranquil yet dark and ominous 

I feel a balance of continuum

As I finally breathe and I’m free of you 

It’s painful at first, but it gets better as I take in deeper and longer breaths

Continuity and progress,

Pain and taking a step back,

It’s all connected and as the heart and soul follow the trees around me

I chant it over and over again

My heart rises out of my chest and falls into my hand

Broken yet strong

Scarred like the etched outlines on the bark

Trees, trees, trees

Paint me and fill me with color 

Paint me till the day I die

O how the relationships change like the seasons

O how the relationships change like the seasons 

I used to think something had to give

But now I found a good reason to depart

Agony and raw emotion paint the trees

Healing and a sore burning of fulfillment

O how the relationships change like the seasons

O how the relationships change like the seasons


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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