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I have a dream.No not a regular dream, A big one.A dream where you can mouth myriad things and ideas what this generation has come up to be.We live in a world with a lot of subtletiesBut am I realizing the unobtrusive things around me?Colored peop
I opened my eyes this morning not knowing where the day would lead me, but i followed anyway just to see. Stumbling from left to right as if the path was oblique, but it was dead infront of me,
I Live In A Generation Where Brothers make fun of others because their hair isn't a certain way or because their shoes are not of a popular named brand
Heart Poundng Red Blood Inhales, Exhales
BLACK By David Harris   So many times I’ve heard, “You don’t act black”, And to this day I still don’t understand, How does one act a color? Do I be decrepit, ugly, or dark?
I am here.
To the "dear" Mrs. Langerman. How dare you take advantage of a young child. She was innocent, sweet and mild. Just because of her race you stood there Discriminating and staring with that dark stare.
Wish I was colorblind Differences weren't relevant  Soon as I was to find A dog is not an elephant   But what about the hurt so important color sep'rating whites from dirt
They devoured her They saw her with greedy eyes and decided to feast They came upon her suddenly She in all her glory They covered in deceit Wove illusions of inspired beauty And stole from her
Something dangerous lurks in the shadows It’s gangling grotesque figure lets out an eerie cry of warnings Night after night Hiding it’s sunburned flesh It creeps in the shadows I’m afraid of the dark
I, myself, draw the line. Neither bounded by chains or by reckless thoughts, flooded by the ignorance of those unaware of my flow. Is it the way that I speak which inflicts fear on Man?
Character Deep within the focal point of your exterior lies character. Character yet to be defined, Character that has ceased to be be intertwined...
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